Feijoa Ice Cream

Feijoas are here there and everywhere all of a sudden come April, but they are here for a short time not a long time! So enjoy this delicious way to use up those backyard beauties alongside some great New Zealand Meadow Fresh dairy.

40 min



Place feijoas, bananas, custard, 1/4 cup Meadow Fresh Cream, honey and vanilla essence in a sturdy food processor. Blend, adding more cream as required to achieve a smooth ice cream consistency. 

If ice cream is too soft, freeze for around 30 minutes before serving.


  • This ice cream is best eaten within a few hours of freezing. If left longer, the texture can become quite hard and icy, and ice cream will be browner in colour. 
  • For an even creamier option, try Meadow Fresh Thick & Creamy Custard.